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Pokhara City, Nepal

Pokhara City, Nepal, Asia

by Suman Ojha

Pokhara is the most beautiful city of country Nepal. It is a valley bounded by gorgeous green hills.
Within the valley also, there are little hills which culminate the beauty of the city. Beyond the surrounding hills are the snow-white mountains that can be seen from several parts of the city and more vividly from top of the nearby hills. Pokhara is a little heaven on a small land.

Nature has blessed the city with a number of bounties. It is also called city of Lakes. There are several lakes within the valley among which
Fewa Lake and Begnas lake have been the heart of the city. In addition, there are several adventurous caves like Mahendra Cave, Bats’ Cave and Gupteshower Cave. Devi’s Fall is another interesting and should-be-visited aspect of Pokhara. This is not the end, Seti River which flows through the heart of the city is well known for the George structures it has created through the path. These are only the natural gifts of the city; besides, there are several culturally and religiously valuable assets as well. World Peace Pagoda (at the top of hill surrounding Fewa Lake), Matepani Gumpa and Bindabasini Temple are other important cultural places for tourists.
A lot of opportunities are also available for adventurous people. If one wishes to see the whole valley in a glance, s/he might go to Sarankot Hill. It’s a tall hill on the western side of Pokhara valley from where you can get a telescope to view the every detail of the city. Moreover, you can do Paragliding over the Fewa Lake and in the sky above the city to enjoy the all round beauty. If this doesn’t satisfy you, then experiencing the world's steepest, fastest and tallest Zip Line will be waiting for you to give the ultimate thrill.
If tourists happen to visit around the New Year (January 1), they become lucky to experience Street Festival at the Lake Side (area near Fewa Lake). During this festival, Lake Side glows in light for the whole night. Moreover, during the time of October and November, tourists can see people celebrating Dashain (the greatest festival of Hindus). The festival runs for 10 days and all the people throughout the country celebrate this festival regardless of their religion. People take ‘tika’ on their forehead and blessings from their elders. Relatives living far away meet together on the occasion of Dashain festival and share their happiness and sorrows. Similarly, Holi is another exciting festival that is celebrated here. In this festival, people play by throwing colored powders on each other. It is believed as a celebration of victory of divine over the devil in the ancient past.
Tourists can move from one place to another within the city in public buses. However, if they have enough money, taxis can be easily available to them. In addition, they can hire a cycle for short rides and bike for long distance tours.
Another interesting speciality of Pokhara is Rainfall. It is the city that has the highest rainfall record throughout the country. Monsoon season is the best time to visit Pokhara for rain lovers. However, it can be annoying if the days become cloudy and one doesn’t get chance to get the view of bright mountains. Also, heavy rainfall might be unfavorable if one is planning to do boating. Yet, if you are fond of rafting, this is the best time for you.

These were only a few things about Pokhara city. No absolute beauty can be described in words, since it lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, visit Pokhara city and explore its immense beauty and hidden treasures.

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