Saturday, May 25, 2013

Islamabad, Pakistan

By Ansab Khan

Islamabad - The capital city of Pakistan, *City of peace* and *The Green city* is one of most beautiful and peaceful cities of the world which is located at the northern end of Pothowar Plateau. It has a healthy, pleasant climate and pollution free atmosphere. It is a well-planned and developed city with different sectors and zones. Each of these sectors has shopping malls called *Markaz* where people go and enjoy their shopping. Islamabad has attracted people from all over the Pakistan, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and urbanized cities of Pakistan.

The major places of interest in Islamabad for tourists are Faisal mosque, (one of the beautiful and largest mosque in the world), Daman-e-koh, Pakistan museum of natural history, lake view park, lok virsa museum, japanese park, Shakar pariyan, fatima jinnah park, national art gallery, bari Imaam shrine, golra Sharif, and many more. One thing more which tourists love about Islamabad is its smooth and tswited roads. There are ample opportunities for walking, jogging, hiking and trekking around Islamabad in the Margalla Hills. Supreme Court of Pakistan and parliament house is also in Islamabad with their great importance.

Pakistani food is famous all over the world due to its taste and mouthwatering recipes. Some famous places in Islamabad where people mostly like to go and eat are Savor foods, KFC, Blue area and aabpara food streets. Crispy parathas, spicy barbeques and other traditional food items besides fresh juices and ice cream are easily available at all major spots of the metropolis where shops remain open the whole night. Eating out in late hours has become a popular trend in Islamabad especially on weekend nights. In last couple of years a new trend of giving bouquets to your friends and relatives on special events has started in Islamabad. If you are in Islamabad and planning to meet any of your friends, relatives or loved ones, then presenting a fresh flower bouquet would leave a great impression of love and care.

The most iconic form of transport in Islamabad is of course the decorated buses with pure art on wheels clanging metal frills along the bodywork, Undecorated van style minibuses for short routes through the city and the taxis *back window decorated with stickers, reflective pieces and all manner of trinkets hanging from the rear view mirror* in Islamabad are easy to spot.
Islamabad is a lovely place to visit. The weather of Islamabad is very refreshing. I myself love the greenery. It’s the heart and soul of Pakistan, a city which symbolizes the aspirations of a young and dynamic nation that looks forward to a glorious future for its people, a city which welcomes modern ideas but at the same time recognizes and cherishes its traditional values and its past history.


  1. Wow! it seems to be a nice city to tour. Now , tell me, how is the security situation in Islamabad regarding terror attacks? Is is safe for Americans to tour the city without fear of being attacked? How safe are the places of accommodation? Which are the precautions i.e situatIons/places to avoid on touring Islamabad?

    1. Yeah, Islamabad is one safest places in Pakistan. you can visit and enjoy anywhere you want. they are already so many American and other nationals, staying in Islamabad. So, Dont worry about Security issues.

      PC Hotel, Islamabad is finest place to accomodate for tourist. its five star hotel and takes very much care of thier clients.

      For me, there aren't anything you should aviod in Islamabad, go and enjoy every bite of it. ; - )