Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mombasa Kenya

Mombasa My City

By Mwanaisha Gelleh    

The city of Mombasa is listed the second largest in Kenya after Nairobi the country’s capital city. Mombasa is located at the Kenyan coast on the Indian Ocean. It is an Island which is separated from the mainland by two major creeks namely Tudor and Kilindini. People connect to the city by means of ferry transport from south coast while a bridge is used by motorist and commuters at the northern side of the city. The city is well developed with good infrastructure. An international airport known as Moi international airport serves both local and international travels. The roads within the city are welcoming and ensure good and safe drive to motorists. The road traffic is high in morning and evening hours as people are always at rush going or leaving to work as well as school going children. It is therefore essential for one to choose appropriate time to use the roads to avoid being held up by traffic jams. Commuter buses are the major means of transport. Being an industrial city, Mombasa is densely populated by different tribes while the habitants are the Swahili people. The language most spoken by the city people is Swahili and Islam is the major religion practiced in Mombasa. The Swahili people are so welcoming and generous. The most likely fast foods to get at the city are potato fries served with chicken, coconut rice served with fish, samosas, kebabs and spiced tea. People like partying on weekends along the beaches. Mombasa boasts of having diversity of tourist attraction sites which is one of the major sources of revenue in the city. Several sandy beaches are found along the coastline. There is Fort Jesus situated along the Indian Ocean within the city centre. Fort Jesus serves as a historical site whereby different artifacts that were found in the 16th century are preserved. They range from household goods, ammunition and different equipment that were used in slave trade in the 16th century. Fort Jesus also serves as an educational centre for those who are pursuing historical education. A trip to Mombasa is not complete without visiting this historic site. Another tourist attraction site in Mombasa is Mamba village.

Mamba is a crocodile in swahili, so Mamba village is a crocodile rearing farm and it is rated as the largest in East Africa. It is here where all your questions about crocodiles will be answered. There is variety of crocodiles and the good news to most visitors is the existence of over 100years old crocodile within the farm. Several parks are found in this city, there is Haller park which is a home of different animals and reptiles. Animals found include antelopes, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, tortoises and variety of snakes. There are also 100+ plants species. At the southern coast, there located Shimba Hills National reserve and Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary which are homes for forest elephants. When choosing a place to tour, come to Mombasa city and definitely you will have a story to tell.

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