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Kidapawan City, Philippines

Explore Kidapawan City, Philippines, Southeast Asia
By:  Virgie Cadiente.

About The City:
Kidapawan City is located in the island of Mindanao, Province of Cotabato, Philippines. It is nestled at
the foot of the splendid Mt. Apo, the highest  mountain in the country.  The city’s name originated from Manobo (the city’s early settlers) words “Tida” which denotes spring and “Pawan” which denotes highland.  It is originally called Tidapawan  but the arrival of Christian settlers from different parts of the country has caused the transformation of the word Tidapawan to Kidapawan.  The city is also a home for several kinds of exotic fruits like durian, rambutan, mangosteen, lanzones, marang and banana,  thus obtaining the title  “The City of Fruits and Highland Springs”.  Fortunately, the city is deified with a propitious climate being positioned outside the typhoon belt.  Having a wet and dry season, December and January are the coolest months with April and May as the sultriest months are.

How To Reach Kidapawan
Kidapawan  City can be reached by air, sea and land transportation.  For air transportation, you can visit the following airlines:
1. Cebu Pacific Airlines
2. PAL Express
3. Philippine Airlines
Route (international tourists): Country of Origin to Manila
            Manila to Davao City
            Davao City to Kidapawan City – by bus, van or taxi only ( 2 hours)
If you want to take a bus, go to  Ecoland Terminal but if you want to
take a van terminal can be found at SM Mall Compund in Matina, Davao City or at Gaisano Mall.

Sea and land transportations are also available but it takes time, so it is strongly suggested to take the air transportation for foreign nationals. Local tourists can opt to take any mode of transportations depending on the availability of the type of transportations present in their respective places.


Kidapawan has lots of hotels and pension houses to choose from but it is suggested that you  stay on  the following hotels.
1. Grand Ficus Hotel
2. AJ Hi Time Hotel
3. Eva’s Hotel

Must See Places
Lake Agco Mountain Resort
One of Mindanao’s most visited places by tourists is the beautiful mountain resort, Lake Agco which is publicly known as Lake Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort, a steaming blue lake where hot and cold springs unite. It is ingeniously set at the foot of Mt. Apo (the country's highest peak) and has been dubbed as the “Eden of Kidapawan”.  It is located in Ilomavis, Kidapawan City and part of the Mt. Apo Natural Park, a grandiose mountain enclosed by moss covered century old trees, enchanting flora and fauna, sulfur craters and huge sarsens.

Aside from the stunning view of the nearby Mt. Apo, Lake Agco resort offers visitors with a spectacular view of adjacent falls, hot springs and lakes. Luxuriant display  of flora and fauna can also be found in the area, an exquisite sight tourists love to see.  Ramblers to Mt. Apo frequently stop by Lake Agco for a plunge or merely to unwind, The resort is flocked by local and foreign tourists all year round.

Lake Agco is a 45 minute ride from Kidapawan City. The road to Barangay Ilomavis where Lake Agco is located is well maintained. A public utility vehicle or a van will take you there if you do not have your own ride. A single motor also called habal-habal is also available for a ride.

Serendipity Resort and Adventureland

Serendipity is a newly opened resort located at barangay Katipunan, Kidapawan City.  It has two swimming pools for adults, one swimming pool for children and one Jacuzzi.  The resort also offers wall climbing for those tourists who like adventure.  Still under construction are the mountain bike trail, boating and Zipline.  The resort is a 15 minute ride from Kidapawan City by a public utility vehicle.

The people in Kidapawan are friendly and hospitable. The local means of transportation within the city is a motorcycle and transportation to the neighboring barangays are through multicabs, jeepneys and vans.  You have to remember one important thing.  Kidapawan is a smoke free city, so you can not smoke anywhere, especially in public areas and within public buses.  However, there are  designated smoking areas for smokers.

There are lots of restaurants in the city from  “fastfoods”  to “eat all you can” . The city has only few department stores, but recently a new mall was opened, the Gaisano Grand Mall  which is a complete one stop shop for the buying public.



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