Saturday, May 25, 2013

Iasi, Romania

About Romania. About Iasi.

By Rafael Gherca

In the last five years Iasi becamed one of the most interesting towns in Romania.
The heart of the town is named Palas is an entrance in a modern world for shopping and recreational activities.
Palas ensemble is not just a place for shopping and business, but also a special destination for leisure in nature.
Located in the space of the former gardens of the Royal Court, then in oriental style garden keeps current elements in your decorations made by Vasile Lupu, such filacul circular enclosed patio and a pier at medieval fountain.
The central axis of the garden has been specially designed to create a splendid belvedere Palace of Culture. Thus, for the first time, the southern side of the building is put in value by vegetation in steps, mirrors and waterfalls. Scale of the slope that lead visitors to the Palace of Culture, are bordered with railings monumental stone architecture of the building to complete the symbol.
The landscape garden is complemented by fountains, grassy plazas, large spaces for walking and relaxation.
Approximately 50,000 1,000 shrubs and trees make up a true "green lung" for the entire area, but also for the city.
Another important place is the Botanical Garden of Iasi witch has a tumultuous history that has come a period of more than a century to reach as we see and admire us today.
Walking, admired works of art made by botanists and walking makes Botanic Garden to be perfect oasis of tranquility. With over 100,000 plants, shrubs and decorations that look enjoy every visitor.
For outdoor fun you can have fun inside "Ciric Complex". Restored in 2013 "Ciric Complex" offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as barbecues, swimming, walking hydro-bike, beach and why not a cold beer to ease the heat.
As for dining options, Iasi offers a wide variety of restaurants and terraces with menus and dishes belonging to international cuisine.
In terms of taxi transport is the most advantageous price quite low beings, and means of transportation such as bus, tranvía, trolley are available 20 hours a day.
Iasi, Romania's former capital, is a city worth seeing because it has a fingerprint history, and simultaneously a modern flair and daily improves day by day.
In Iasi "every stone speaks of the past," the large number of monasteries, museums, memorial houses. Therefore, we can say that Iasi is a genuine national museum, the history and art treasures that he has.

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