Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, القاهرة" - Al Qahira” Egypt

By Reham Rassmy

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East which is famous for its unique history.

"Jewel of the East", as it is sometimes called, had been established by the Fatimid Commander “Jawhar the Sicilian” on year 969 AD.
When you visit Cairo, especially the Islamic places such as Khan El-Khalili, Al-Hussien, Al-Azhar, you feel like you are living in the old centuries and by the way, our famous late author (Nobel Prize Winner in Literature) Mr. Naguib Mahfouz, used to write his novels while enjoying his stay at Al-Fishawy coffee in Khan El Khalili.
Cairo and Giza are Known as Great Cairo, so when you are in Cairo you can visit the Egyptian Museum (known also as Cairo Museum), Old Islamic & Coptic Cairo, Khan-Khalili, a Nile Cruise at the sunset time, Pharaonic  Village, Azhar park, Whirling Dervishes shows in Saqiet El-Sawy, Cairo Opera House, many great Malls such as Citystars mall in Heliopolis, Tahrir Square off course where the Egyptian Revolution against the former president has occurred in 2011, Media production city in 6th of October, and much more..... are some of the places that are worth a visit when you are in Cairo, to name a few

In Giza you can visit: Great Pyramids, Saqqara, Memphis and Dahshur if you have time , Don’t miss going there, it is worth visiting by all means.

A lot of Egyptians enjoy their weekends and vacations in the open air, they love having small boats at the Nile (felouka), enjoying traditional culture in Saqiet El Sawy, and many of them like going to malls where the most and various brands are exists.

Cairo has an extensive road network, rail system, subway system and maritime services.
Road transport is facilitated by personal vehicles, taxi cabs, privately owned public buses and Cairo microbuses. Cairo, specifically Ramses Square, is the centre of almost the entire Egyptian transportation network.
The best time to enjoy Cairo in a good weather is during October to April, so If you are travelling in Summer so Loose and light cotton clothing is absolutely essential. For women it is strongly advisable to dress conservative specially when visiting churches and mosques women should not wear shorts, mini-skirts or tank tops.
Bring shirts that cover your shoulders or T-shirts are fine, cover your legs with long, cotton skirts or jeans. If you follow this formula, it indicates a respect for the culture.

When you are hungry, you have various of traditional and tasty Egyptian fast food that is being served everywhere you go, such as Koshary (rice, lentils, caramelized onions, garlic and chickpeas, pasta and tomato sauce), fava beans (ful medames) and falafel, these are the most famous traditional food that you will find wherever you go. In addition to global restaurant companies, which offer their services everywhere.

Egyptian people are very friendly, helpful, and have a great sense of humor. Most of those people have graduated from universities and many of them speak good English and can communicate with you well if you need some help.
 If you want to visit a country that mixes traditions and modernity, I recommend for you my beloved Egypt, I am sure that this visit will remain in you mind for a very long time.
At the end, we have a famous saying that whoever drinks from the Nile he must get back again.

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