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Piatra Neamt, Romania

Piatra Neamt, Romania

By Iulia Ceausu
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Piatra Neamt is surrounded like a halo by mountains and forests. Situated in north-eastern Romania, is one of the oldest cities in Moldova with an age of 2000 years (it’s a former Dacian settlement). For his beauty and architectural relief, Piatra Neamt gained the name: Pearl of Moldavia.
Over the past few years, Piatra Neamt has become a city with attitude. You’ll get in touch with the history of this town from the minute you get out of on the station platform. Francis Ford Coppola turned this train station into a setting for one of his films. We have small streets, but not crowded, with cozy coffee shops, bars and antique shops you will feel like home.
A walk at the Princely Court it will take you in the past. Located on a small plateau in the center of the city here you will see the ruins of the old Princely Court ( from 1468), the Bell tour and the Church of St Joan.
The "telegondola" (cable car) from Piatra Neamt will give you the best sightseeing spot you can get to. That is until it takes you up the mountain and you get to see the whole valley and all the way to the Ceahlau Mountain. Tickets are cheap, and when you get on top there is also a nice rustic restaurant with good traditional food and friendly staff. And there is also a gift shop. If you are visiting in the winter, well you should also try the ski slope. You can rent there all the equipment you need.
If you are going in the summer you should visit the recreational complex Strand. You have big pools (for children and adults), lounge chairs, even a VIP zone for more comfort. Here you can also play tennis, football, basketball.
Not far from this Complex is the Equestrian Complex. The equestrian base from Piatra Neamt is considered to be the most beautiful one in the country because of the scenery and how it’s built and maintained. The complex is situated in a place surrounded by beautiful hills with green forests, the equestrian base is a great place for tourists and for those who want to practice the sport of ridding. During the summer you can go on mountain ridding with horses specially trained for this kind of routes. Especially for kids they have a pony, so it doesn’t matter if you are big or small you and your family could have a great time here. As a tourist I recommend that you walk. The town is very small, so everything is close.
Come to Piatra Neamt to see old and new combine together. Taste the romanian traditional food and enjoy our town!

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