Sunday, May 26, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Viva Las Vegas

By Virginia Fidler

I live in Las Vegas.  If New York is the City that Never Sleeps, Las Vegas is the City That Winks.  Sin City doesn't take itself seriously.  It's all laid back.  There is an abundance of gambling, of course, but you can visit Las Vegas, never enter a casino, and still have the time of your life.

Vegas has absolutely no limits on when businesses can operate, so you can take care of business all night long, 365 days a year.  And you don't need to set foot on the Strip.  Public transportation takes you wherever you want.  Take a light sweater with you, because Vegas can hit the nippy 50s during the night.

Buy a car at 2:00 am and bring it to the all-night mechanic for a tune up.  Drop off your dry cleaning at the 24 hour dry cleaning place down the block.  Feel like some shopping?  It'll take awhile for your car to be fixed, so check out the electronics stores that's open.  You'll want some clothes for your trip, so see what the retail boutiques have on sale at 3:30 am.  Needless to say, most markets and drugstores never close.  And if your teeth start to hurt, drop by the never-closed dental clinics.  Dental hygiene doesn't stop at 4:00 am.

Of course, you need to be in shape for the new jeans you just bought, so stop by the numerous all-night fitness places.  The night is almost over, so you'll want to face the day looking fine. Choose one of the many beauty spas that never close and get your hair and nails done.  Before you get breakfast, catch the latest number one flick at a 24 hour cineplex.  And don't forget, if you feel like getting married, this is the place.

No doubt, you're ready for breakfast.  There are literally thousands of places where you can get your eggs, but don't forget that Las Vegas is filled with culinary giants.  It's where the likes of Michael Mina, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck have opened shop. Vegas knows culinary bliss.

If you're in Las Vegas for a few days, take a side trip by bus or helicopter to the Grand Canyon.  It's an unbelievable experience.

Come to Las Vegas.  Since the casinos don't make their profits on rooms, luxury rooms are dirt cheap.  The entertainment is first class.  Every type of food can be hand, and the margaritas are 99 cents.  Shop at exclusive designer stores or go for discount outlets.  Where else do you find six (count 'em) Louis Vuitton shops within a few short blocks?
Viva Sin City!  There's no place like it.

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