Sunday, May 26, 2013

Helsinki, Finland

MyCity – Helsinki, Finland

 By Denise Ruthmann

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and it is lying in the very south of the country. The city has its very own charm and is not comparable to any other north European harbour town, because it has been influenced by Russian and West European cultures. With its great location directly at the sea, rich culture, the exotic seeming Finnish language and the kindness of its people Helsinki presents itself as a welcoming and attractive city, which remains long time in a visitors memories.

Most interesting is the very center of Helsinki. Here you can find modern shopping malls as well as individual little shops, international restaurants from all over the world as well as traditional Finnish cuisine, art, culture, entertainment and much more. It has been built in the style of classicism by its famous architect was Carl Ludwig Engel.
The most famous building in Finland is located in the center as well: The white cathedral or Tuomiokirkko in Finnish.

 You can find the beautiful building printed as a motive on countless postcards and also the inside of the cathedral is worth a visit. Right in front of the Tuomiokirkko lies the popular Senat Square which is surrounded by small shops and cafés and often venue of public gatherings and markets. Close by you can find the popular Kauppatori, a marketplace directly at the harbour which offers regularly creative, fresh and delicious products for all seasons. Especially interesting in the area of the Kauppatori are the ships which can bring you to Stockholm in Sweden, Tallinn in Estonia and Suomenlinna. The latter is a beautiful Finnish island right in front of Helsinki. In former times it was used as a sea fortress. Nowadays the island is a part of  the city and also inhabited by some. Suomenlinna is a green and lovely place with breathtaking views on the sea and loved to be visited by tourists as much as by Finns.

Beside the center also the parks of the Finnish capital are worth mentioning. Most well-known is a park called Kaivopuisto. This park is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in all over Helsinki and lies directly at Helsinkis' coast. From here you have a perfect view on the sea, ships and small islands. The meadows of the park offer a great opportunity for picnics during summer time. Especially at the 1. of May, the official Finnish Vappu holiday, a visit in Kaivopuisto is the best hint you can get. At this occasion every year half Helsinki seems to gather in this park and celebrates Vappu with a lot of fun, music, beverages and grilled food.

So don't hesitate any longer, but come to visit this, both lively and lovely, city in the far north.

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  1. I wonder, what is traditional Finnish food? and if you could recommend any good restaurant in Helsinki?
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