Friday, May 31, 2013

Luxor, Egypt

Come To Visit Our Awesome City Luxor , Egypt, Africa

By Jojo Sam

Come to visit my lovely city, if you are one of those people who admire of visiting famous antiquities, if you passionate to smell of the ancient days, Sure you will think to come to visit Egypt. In Egypt you will find awesome historical places, that historical places starts from Giza pyramids and extend to Valley of the Kings at Luxor. Here at Luxor, you will enjoy with the wonderful worm weather, and a wonderful hospitality of the kind Egyptian people.
Luxor is the most ancient city in Egypt. It lies in Upper Egypt at the north of Aswan. In the past, Luxor was the capital of ancient Egypt. It was called Teba. It was built at the age of the pharaoh Mina. Now it’s called Luxor.
Do you know why Egyptian called it Luxor instead of Teba! I’ll tell you, when the Arabs came to Egypt to conquer it in 640 AC Arabs found a huge number of pharaonic structures and palaces, which make them to name it Luxor ( City of palaces) Because It has a lot of ancient palaces which called Luxor in the Arabic language.

Luxor has the third of the world’s monuments nearly. It has a lot of ancient tombs and temples, such as The Karnak Temple, The Luxor Temple, The Valley of the Kings, The Queen Hatshepsut Temple and The colossi of Memnon.
When you come here, be sure you will enjoy with every moment of your tour. You can enjoy Kebash Road or may you love to sail in a Nail tour in the River Nail. All amazing thoughts you can find it in my city (Luxor) especially if you come at winter, here the weather is worm at winter in a magical way that make all foreigners prefer to vist Luxor in winter.

When you are here, I advise you to take care of taxi drivers, they are so greedy about money. So that you are advised to move with your tour guide in a stated plan and avoid moving separately. In common all Egyptians ( My country people) are so kind welcoming to all coming people as tourism is one of the most important source of national income for all Egypt.
When you decide to come here don’t forget to plan to visit all Christian historical ‎places in Egypt especially the Old ministry at Asuit Mountains where Jesus Christ ‎had visited it during the journey of The Holy Family.‎

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