Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paris, France

Paris, France, Europe

By Murielle Lucie Clément

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris is often called “The City of the lights”. It is very true; that with her many streets lights and lighted shops windows till the middle of the night, Paris looks
gorgeous. During the day, one can visit numerous places (Place de Ternes, place Saint Michel, Montmartre, Jardins du Luxembourg, Boulevard Saint Michel, Saint Germain) museum (among them Le louvre is surely worth a visit to admire La Joconde), walk alongside the Seine. At night, one can visit many theaters (Châtelet, Les Bouches du Nord, Bercy), go to the opera or see films in many cinemas. This is common to all big cities in the world. But Paris is not like the other cities in the world. Paris has the Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysées!

Situated in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, the Iron lady towers the Seine near Quai Branly, just in front of the Iena Bridge. This tower is 324 meters high (if we consider the antenna at the top) and was build in 1887. During 41 years, it was the higher building in the world. Many people and personalities were against the construction; but nowadays it became the most popular symbol to represent the Elysées capital. Since 24th of June 1964 it is part of the long list of France’s historical monuments. In 1991, UNESCO declared it, along other Paris’ monuments, part of the world’s patrimonies.

Close to it, a huge place with green and decorated with statues and sculptures, fountains and stairs made of marble: le Champ de Mars and opposite to it “La Place du Trocadéro”. Wonderful surroundings where youth and elderly people cohabitate on sunny days.

In Paris, of course, there are also lots of restaurant and smaller places to eat. A very celebrated place
is Maxim’s. The rendezvous of celebrities, French and foreign as well. Among the world famous hotels, one will go to Hôtel Lutetia, where during the war the Gestapo agents took quarter. After the war, people coming back from the camps were hosted in the beautiful chambers, waiting for their return to the villages where from they originated.

Like many other cities Paris has a long and interesting history. A visit to Paris is the assurance not to be bored. Gastronomic escapes, cultural occupation, slandering along streets from which history drips at every corner is awaiting to tell you many well kept secret and well known anecdotes.

You can join Paris, by air, by train, by car, even by boat sailing the Seine from Le Havre and passing
Rouen, another wonderful historical city.

Murielle Lucie Clément


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