Friday, May 24, 2013

Hurghada, Egypt

Come To Visit Us On Hurghada.

By Jojo Sam

Come to Hurghada! It was a tiny fishing village which is located on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea. Now it is a beautiful resort beside the Red Sea. Visit the little islands. Enjoy with sunshine and hot weather all times of the year, so when you decide, any time of year is a good time to come here. Swim and dive in the clear water in the summer, Hurghada is hotter than Cairo but the water is cool. Visitors can fly from Cairo or Go by boat from Sinai to the harbour at Sigala. They can also fly directly to Hurghada airport as Hurghada is served by an international airport that has a number of direct connections to most cities in all over the world

Each year thousands of visitors arrive to Hurghada from around the world. Most of holidaymakers and travelers choose to visit Hurghada for the variety of water sports especially snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Visitors to Hurghada will find a lot of reputable dive shops offering amazing day trips, instruction for divers of all levels of experience and all kind of equipment to hire.
Although there are many visitors come to Hurghada for the amazing diving and water sports, there are more come to enjoy the hospitality of the many luxury holiday villages and hotels. El Gouna resort is one of the most famous resorts at Hurgada, Grand Resort Hurghda is also a special place deserves to be visited and a lot of wonderful resorts that are very unique, and they provide the entire home comforts. Here, you may find something a bit different on your holiday. For example, you can enjoy a camel trek in the desert.

You can buy all your living needs from the local market in El Dahar, or you can visit Senzo mol "big famous department store" where you will buy all your needs in the same price they are sold for citizens. Also all transportation tools are available all the time to any place in very cheap prices.
Although all Egyptian people famous for their hospitality, but when you visit Hurghada avoid taking a taxi without make sure of price and driver license. Because of some bad drivers who has bad behavior to ask tourists for more money. Nowadays, even all Egypt has some troubles because of its revolution, Hurghada still a peaceful place, away of all shapes of troubles.
Come to visit us in Hurghada, if you come, promise you will never forget your tour.


  1. Hurghada is an awesome city for all diving activities besides the warm weather where sun shine all times. But really, you have to take care of drivers there.

  2. What do you mean by take care of drivers? do they drive like crazy with disregard of traffic laws, do you guys have traffic police in Egypt?
    I know that in some cities around the world people drive like maniacs, eg Warsaw Poland or Buenos Aires Argentina, but I would never suspect that drivers in Egypt are maniacs.....
    Then again, I never have been to Egypt, but I know some Egyptian taxi drivers in Saint Petersburg Florida and as far as I am concerned, they are law abiding citizens and seldom get traffic tickets.
    BTW, thank you for nice article, from what you had written, Hurghada is very nice place to visit

  3. Interesting, as its village, there would be few population there, mostly everyone knows each other.

    would you like to tell me about their wedding culture? what is the process? how proposal is made? how people get married what are the typical, orthodox tradition there? people are allowed to have love marriage?