Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chennai, India


by Radfhiga K
If you set your mind to take a tour to India, then make your foot to move towards the Chennai city of Tamil Nadu. No doubt there will be a lot of excitement all over the city with lot of tourist places which admires you much. Are you ready for the tour? Then get on your shoes for the ride all over Chennai.

Chennai was formerly known as Madras, situated in the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal. It is the “Gateway of South India” with rich cultural heritage and various resources make it more comfortable for living.

Let’s start .Here’s the best of Chennai.

           Chennai has more number of places to visit; it takes more than week to watch around the important places of Chennai. Beaches, Magnificent Temples, Glorious Churches and Mosques, Art Galleries, Museum, Parks, Monuments, Restaurants, Discotheques, etc. are there to watch out.

The Marina Beach (The 2nd Largest Beach in World) and the Elliot’s Beach are the most common and popular beach to take a cool breeze with a snack (Sundal – Chick pea fry).Then churches like Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Thomas in Santhome, St. Mary’s Church, St. Thomas Mount are likely to be visited. Various other places like Birla Planetarium, Valluvar kottam; Fort St. George, Government Museum and National Art Gallery are the most important places to visit while you come to Chennai.
Parks such as Guindy National Park, Snake Park, Aringar Anna Zoological Park and Reserve Forest in Nanmangalam.

             The people in and around Chennai are Tamil speaking people, but they speak on different accents and pronunciations. Mostly the peoples start their day very early in the morning and ends up at late night. This is due to heavy population, work flow and traffic around the city. Food practices of the natives are Indian cuisines, but likely to take Chinese, Mexican, Multi-cuisine and also they take sea foods. It is advisable to take bottled waters and avoid cool drinks. It is better to avoid road side foods, since it is unhygienic. Tourists avoid driving in Chennai because of heavy traffic. Auto-Rickshaw over charges the foreigners better avoid such cases.

                    At weekends the heavy working professionals can take various fun spots and playful areas to reach out. Skywalk, City centre and Express Avenue are for shopping.RC Car racing in ECR, Mayajal, MGM Dizee World, VGP, Mahabalipuram, Muttukadu Boat House and various other places are good for great relief on weekends.

So it is a very different experience to everyone with greater amusement.


  1. Very well written, but the thing which I think is missing is the IPL Fever. You forget to mention about the IPL Fever in Chennai People, please tell me the craze, and the excitement about the IPL? How do they enjoy this event? How do they Support Their Team Chennai Super King?

  2. If Cricket in India is as popular as soccer in Brazil, Germany or Poland, or as popular as baseball and football in US, then I fully understand meaning of words craze and fever in relation to Cricket in India and Pakistan :)

    1. Yeah, but I'm sure you can't imagine the craze and enthusiasm about cricket. Although PAK and IND are big rivals to each others but everyone loves watching them playing cricket. there is one big match is coming 15th June, ICC Champions Trophy, everyone is waiting for that.. if you wanna see the craze then wait till 15 June you will get to know, what I'm actually talking about. :) while writing this, even my blood starts boiling with excitement. ;)

    2. I guess, I wont be getting cigarettes from my Local convenience store clerk who is Indian, -what about BP gas station on 49 street north in Saint Pete, he will close the store too, because he is from Pakistan.......?
      You said, June 15th...? I better stuck up on ciggs and beer, because India and Pakistan will have international Play offs in Cricket............ good luck to all of you beer drinkers and cigarettes smokers in Saint Petersburg on June 15th money wont buy you anything, or may be a joint if you go to the south side........

    3. @^, yeah it is quite possible is there any shopkeeper who paki or indi then he wouldn't open their shop or Eventually if they have to open, they would be listening match instead of costumers. so my advice, stock all the items you need. :)

  3. I like trading internationally exporting readily available goods from my country to other cities in the world. Kindly suggest first moving goods so long as they are legal to your country. Tell me which goods are mostly on high demand in chennai city that your country/city don't produce. They can range from raw materials to ready made goods.

    Thank you.