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Sousse, Tunisia, North Africa

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Sousse, Tunisia,  North Africa

By Fatma Chebil

You think about Relaxation, fun, enjoyment  of the holiday, don't  waste  your  time  of thinking, SOUSSE TUNISIA  is  your  best  destination . Sousse, is situated 140Km south of Tunis on the Gulf of Hammamet.
Sousse is the best place to go in Tunisia. If you are in love with versatility then Sousse will definitely prove to be the best choice. It’s becoming a famous tourist destination due the many things it offers for fun. It has an amazing beach, mild climate, good restaurants and many tourist resorts. The beach is awesome for sunbathing and swimming. Medina is a fine place to visit in Sousse, though not very large it is a nice and charming place to visit. Don’t miss the chance to visit the great mosque, it has wonderful architecture. Furthermore Sousse’s archeological museum deserves a visit as well. It is the best place to visit in Tunisia because of multiple attractions it has to offer to the visitors. If you love visiting ancient buildings then Sousse is the place to land at. You will be stunned by the great architecture of the great mosque and the museum of Kalaout el-Koubba. Zaouia Zakkak is the epitome of Ottoman architecture. Furthermore you can enjoy the taste of modernism in Sousse as well; it has some top-notch hotels and restaurants in the main city . Whatever the season, your first glimpse of Sousse will be one of golden beaches and a deep blue sea. this sunny Mediterranean land is a paradise for the vacationer.
The nearest airport to Sousse is at Monastir. You can reach Sousse by taxi, hire car or shuttle bus. Buses will wait until they are full up before leaving, which may lead to a lengthy wait.If you've booked a package holiday , most operators will arrange your transfers for you. «  Enfidah Airport » , It is also near the state of the art new Enfidah airport which is between Hammamet and Sousse.Alternatively cars can be hired for the journey from the airport and buses and taxis frequently run to Sousse, which is just 19 km away.
Sousse is totally family orientated, with shallow clean beaches and most resorts catering for kids. Children love the pedestrian alleys of the souk and the small Museum of Kalaat el-Koubba (rue Laroussi Zarrouk) in an old funduq (inn) with scenes explaining traditional life in the medina. The ribat (fortress) near the medina entrance has watchtowers with great views over the medina. Nearby Port el-Kantaoui has the Aqua Palace (rue des Palmiers) and Hannibal Park (route des Touristes), an amusement park with several rides and a roller coaster.
It  is very easy to fall in love with
Sousse “ the pearl of the Sahel”. With excellent long, sandy beaches with sun umbrellas to shelter under in the heat of the day. The beaches are well kept, so it is ideal for families. Watersports fans looking for more activity can try windsurfing or parascending. Sousse weather is warm all year round with peak season temperatures averaging 30-35 degrees Celsius. The weather in Sousse is sunny 300 days of the year on average, and the region is famed for its lack of rainy days, making holidays in Sousse perfect for sun-seekers. Sousse holidays are the perfect blend of traditional North African culture and everything that is expected of a Mediterranean beach resort holiday.
About 7km to the north of Sousse centre you find Port El Kantaoui. This place looks like it is built only for the purpose of tourism. The harbour is filled up with large cabin cruisers and charter boats and along the harbour you can find a large number of restaurants souvenir shops and hotels. Further away from the harbour you will find more hotels,golf courses,a worn down amusement park and a wery good water park with a large wave machine. Port El Kantaoui is a tourist complex . Built specifically as a tourist centre, it boasts a modern marina equipped for over 300 boats and several golf courses, as well and a full array of other sporting activities from water skiing to paragliding. The 36-hole PGA approved championship course makes Port El Kantaoui a popular destination for golfing.The architecture, although modern and dazzlingly white, has been modelled on the more traditional buildings in Tunisia, complete with narrow streets and arches. The hotels that line the beachfront extend from Sousse itself along miles of sparkling clean sea to Port El Kantaoui.The charm of this white and blue Tunisian style village with its reproduced medina, cobblestone streets and attractive marina is popular with package holiday visitors, families and first time visitors, offering familiar and safe surroundings.
The  medina of Sousse is a pleasure to visit in many ways. Although it is not very large by Tunisian standards, it is charming and relaxed and is one of the finest in Tunisia for tourists to visit. Most of the old city’s alleyways are covered, either by tiles, ceiling girders or huge supportive eaves, it  is one of the oldest in Tunis. A medina is what used to be the old town surrounded by town walls. It's the place where the traditional market is where you haggle for a deal and where you can get anything form spices to leather goods. There are also a number of beautiful traditional cafes inside the medina and a typical blue and white paint on some of the windows and gates.  Inside ,  we are faced with the traditional lifestyle : a labyrinth of narrow streets, a variety of souks (shops) : ceramics, leather, copper, wood, carpet, jewelry .  It  is a city-museum mixing life and monuments .          The Medina of Sousse  is  the main attraction of the city.
Sousse  is not only best known for its beaches but also for its great finds when you do some real time Sousse shopping .  The souk , with  its maze  of stalls and canny shopkeepers , is a must-visit. Or, to see a  locals’ market in action, head to the bustling Sunday affair behind the bus station. It’s the place to pick up everything from leather goods, carpets to porcelain – not to mention livestock and camels . Be prepared to haggle – prices quoted are usually double what sellers would settle for .
Silver  jewellery, leather bags, perfumes, clothes and carpets are popular purchases from the shops and stalls in Sousse. Expect to haggle with street vendors for the best prices.
Enjoy old-fashioned shopping in the winding passageways of the souk in the medina, where you can find anything and everything. If your tastes are more contemporary, however, there is a modern mall.
Visit the town's ancient Ribat, one of a chain of coastal fortresses which helped to protect the town. Enjoy wandering around its interior, looking up at its imposing walls and contemplating battles from years past.
The remnants of the Great Mosque, which features some incredibly ornate tiles, are an impressive sight to behold .
Sousse Festivals are held primarily in the summer months. The largest and most notable festival, the Sousse International Festival, runs through July and August, while the smaller Sidi El Kantaoui Festival held in Hammam Sousse is held in July. I live in Sousse and I’m really interested in the famous festival there which is “Awessou” it’s very nice one so big cars with different pictures done by every town and these cars are created I many forms and the most lovely thing that people from other countries come there and participate in the festival so they dance and sing to  introduce their culture so Scots, and Russians, and Chinese and many people from other ones.You  can find everything to enjoy yourself and people are very kind and helpful, they give hand to everybody who’s in need.
Plenty  of restaurants in Sousse serve international as well as Tunisian food. As a port, it's no wonder the restaurants serve excellent fish dishes.Try a tasty traditional dish of fish dusted in salt. You will also see meze, the Tunisian version of tapas, which often features a plate of houmus, flat bread, olives and other appetisers. Port El Kantaoui's Neptune restaurant, which boasts replica pirates, is especially child-friendly.Expect to see hubbly-bubbly pipes, enormous pipes made from glass. These are traditional and often available in cafes, where you can order them along with a cup of tea or coffee, and choose your tobacco. Apple-flavoured tobacco is a favourite. Sousse is more of a family resort than a party town, so don't expect heaving clubs or all-night bar action.
the hotels in sousse are some of the best to be found anywhere on the med. Hotels often many services to their clientele such as catering, swimming pool or childcare. In addition, most of these institutions provide conference rooms and meeting rooms to encourage groups ay hold congress and meetings. the choice of hotel is a milestone to ensure convenience while traveling. You are in Sousse, then enjoy a hearty hospitality pair and guaranteed comfort in our hotels. Plenty of services is offered to ensure a better stay with us. Feel the sun penetrate through your skin, aqua aerobics, enjoy the typical dishes, run out after climbing mountains or having too much dancing in a Tunisian evening. Do not hesitate, hotels in Tunisia is your best choice.
-Movenpick Resort &Marine Spa Sousse :This resort is located in Sousse city centre with access to a private beach. It offers outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and a wellbeing and fitness centre. Each room in the Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse is air conditioned and features satellite channels on a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. Some include bathrobes and tea and coffee making facilities. All rooms have a panoramic view of the sea, garden or pool.Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa’s restaurants and snack bars serve international cuisine, such as Mediterranean, Japanese and grills. The several bars and cafes, such as the pool-side bar and Aga Café, serve a range of beverages. A buffet breakfast is served daily .Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa has a concierge service at the 24 hour front desk. It has an on-site shop and offers a range of activities, such as watersports, volleyball and table tennis. Free Wi-Fi is also available.Many daytime and evening for children and teens as well as adults, sports and water activities, relaxation at the beach and pools, varied food and refreshments will with the "All Inclusive "not to mention the comfort of accommodation ... The Movenpik  hotel of Sousse is ideal for holidays as a couple or family,

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