Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford, United Kingdom
-A city of ‘dreaming towers”-

By Alex Munn

Oxford is situated in the county town of Oxfordshire in central southern England. Its population reaches 165.000. The city of “dreaming towers” is amazingly beautiful, historically attractive, always vivid and ready to host visitors from all over the world at any time of the year. Oxford is the best place to be acquainted with the English traditions and culture. The mix of medieval and modern traditions creates unforgettable atmosphere that is pleasant to enjoy not only when having a rest, but when working as well. A visit to Oxford is always unique and this is why it is not surprising that the learning of English in Oxford is considered the best all throughout the world. This beautiful city also outstands due to the colleges located on the banks of the rivers, in the center of the greatest museums and galleries.

The historic centre is comfortable for strolling due to the picturesque streets and places to stroll. The biggest part of the city is a pedestrian zone and all the sights are easy to admire. The only thing one should be careful with in the centre is the inconsiderate cyclists who miss the pedestrian crossings and cut the corners feeling like Schumachers. However, to drive a car in Oxford is not recommended, as the pedestrian zones are many, complex driving directions, e few parking zones, which moreover are paid. A fee in the buses vary according to the distance and if you are going to make more than 2 trip a day, it would be better and cheaper to get a season ticket.

Bike Rental
You can join the cyclists and enjoy your day, as it is something so usual for an Englishman. There are many railway stations for one to rent a bicycle, and in some places, it may not even require any fees. At first, it may seem that it is quite dangerous to ride a bicycle on the same road with the cars, but no. All the car drivers have already used to the cyclists. Important that if you
are fresh in this city, it is better you stick to the locals on the road, as they are more experienced in this matter. At night, it is obligatory to use the signal lights on the bicycles as police imposes fines for their absence. There are many parking zones for bicycles but beware, as another knight may steal your iron horse.
Souvenirs and Covered market
One more interesting place here is Covered Market. Numerous extraordinary small shops: bakery, floral, coffee and hat shops will never leave one indifferent and will store in your memory for a long time. One may buy the freshest fruits, relax in the café, enjoy delicious cakes of the local bakeries, etc. There are numerous places with souvenirs but the best purchase can only be done in the University of Oxford Shop.

Entertainment, sightseeing and attractions in Oxford
From the building of Oxford Carfax Tower that is situated in the centre of the city from where you can see a marvelous view of Christ Church, the largest college in Oxford. Since the founding of this college, the Old Tom bell rings101 times every evening (according to the number of monks-founders). There are so many places to see in this city that it is almost impossible to describe. The museums will give you a breath and spirit of ancient royal times. There, one can also admire numerous masterpieces of such great artists as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Constable. The entrance is free to the most of museums, so if you want to join with art for a couple of hours, then it is a perfect place. All the buildings that you may see in Oxford are the samples of all the periods in the architecture of Britain starting from the Saxon.
An amazing mix of ancient and modern, museums, historic buildings, fine restaurants and eye-catching places to see attracts both tourists and students from all over the world. Oxford is a place where each person, at least once in a lifetime, should visit.


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