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Panama City, Panama, Central America

Panama City, Panama

 By Ricaurte Xavier Mendoza

Panama City is now one of the most exiting cities in America to visit and enjoy!     During the last several years, Panama City has turned into a first world city with a very interesting mix of traditions and modernity, surrounded by all sorts of activities and places to visit.
What to visit:

Panama Canal
A trip to the Panama Canal is a once in a lifetime adventure and experience. The Panama Canal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in world, with tours offered by cruise boat, allowing individuals to see the canal up close in daily operations. Visitors will be able to sail through the canal, admiring the beautiful scenery, experiencing history at its finest. You will learn the history of the canal, while experiencing the sensation of sailing from one ocean to another.

Casco Viejo
Casco Viejo is a cultural gem of Panama City. This historical district was established around 1673 by the Spanish colonists, the church, and other settlers. This gem was on one of the richest and most densely populated neighborhoods of the Americas. Today, this energy-filled corner has been restored; the buildings that had once served as home have been transformed into museums, gourmet restaurants, shops, and upscale residencies.

Amador Causeway
The Amador Causeway is an architectural must see for all. This unique landmark is both a roadway and a walkway that connects Panama’s mainland to the four small islands; Naso, Culebra, Perico, and Flamenco. Crossing the roadways you will see a magnificent view of Panama City’s skyline, bridge of Americas and the Panama Bay.
Travelers can enjoy a wide range of attractions such as a gaze at the cruise port, the marina, a day at the Fuerte Amador Shopping, dining at the restaurant plaza, and a day at the Figali Convention centers.  The Marine Exhibition Center of the Smithsonian Research Institution also attracts several visitors as it allows an up close and personal look at the creative nature of the Panama Country.

Taboga Island.
The Taboga Island, thought surrounded by
agriculture and fishing, has become a popular touristic attraction, due to its beautiful natural areas and close location to Panama City. This island is covered with beaches and trails for hiking to its highest points, including Cerro Vigía and Cerro de la Cruz. Visitors will enjoy activities such as; boat tours for fishing, whale watching, snorkeling sightseeing as well as walking and nature tours. Several small Hotels cover the island including B and B Hotel Cerrito Tropical, Mundi´s, and Hotel Vereda Tropical.
Night Life
Night Life is an extraordinary time in Panama City. Casinos, clubs, and bars with exquisite views light up the city. They offer creative tropical drinks and sensual Latin-American music. Dress to impress at several locations all over the town. There are a wide variety of clubs, bars, and casinos in these fine areas; The Calle Uruguay, an area of the city's financial district, has an English Pub, restaurants, and bars and clubs with rooftop vistas. Casco Viejo, the Amador Causeway and Calle Uruguay (Bella Vista).In Panama City alone, there are three major casinos, located in the Ceaser Park, the El Panama Hotel, and the Marriot Continental Hotel, in addition to several smaller ones.
Another fantastic way to spend the evening is at one of the fine shopping malls. Take on the experience to fantastic name brand clothing at affordable prices. Spend a day at one of the finest mall of Panama city including; the Albrook Mall, Multiplaza Panama, Dgriss Art Gallery, Mercado de Mariscos, Karavan Gallery, Los Pueblos, and last but not least the Metromall Panama.
The variety of food in Panama is amazing and you can find from fast food such a McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway, KFC etc. To the delicious custom food that is a mix of Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean and Native American food. The main product consumed in Panama is the rice as the everyday side food. Other products as seafood, chicken, corn, beans, plantains, fish and meats are one of the preferred ingredients in the Panamanian food. The main custom plate in Panama is the ''sancocho'' which is a delicious chicken soup made with fresh vegetables and tubers.
Also you can visit in Panama City restaurants exclusive of typical food from many other countries of your choice.
What to avoid:
When visiting Panama you should avoid getting into a random taxi cab. Once you arrive in Tocumen International airport, authorized cabs that work directly with hotels and the airport are essential method of transport. These cabs have labels of the company, phone numbers and the drivers wear uniform.  Once you get to the city and you need to take a cab, ask your hotel to call one for you. If you are not in the hotel, make sure the cab you stop is labeled on the door. The most important to considerate is never taking a cab that already is occupied by another passenger. In Panama like in any other city, there are some little dangerous towns that you would like to avoid during the night. You need to be very careful with towns like Chorrillo, Santa Ana, Barraza, San Joaquin and Calidonia.

While you are staying in Panama you could also use the Metrobus. This bus runs 24 hours, 7 days a week, bus transportation that the Panamanian use in their daily life. A key to remember, try to avoid waiting at a bus stop during the night, the safest way to move around the city during the night is in a taxi cab.

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