Monday, June 10, 2013

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco  - North Africa


Even though officially Rabat is Morocco’s capital, Casablanca is its beating heart. This city is considered the industrial and economical capital, it’s one the largest cities in Africa and the largest one in Morocco.
All important companies, national and international choose to settle in Casablanca and that’s mainly due to the various advantages this city has to offer. Besides Casablanca is the most modern city in Morocco, a city where you have that western feeling and the ability to live a very modern life.
As an individual I love living here, there are plenty of work opportunities that offer a wide choice of career, this is what enabled me to build my life and live it the way I want. Also, there is everything that I need to spend my time, from gyms to shopping malls to night clubs.
Whenever I have free time I go out with friends to a restaurant to get some diner and then we go off to some night club to dance a bit and have fun, but when I feel like being alone I just take a stroll down the Ain Diab cost line where I can hear the waves crashing around me and feel the water splashing on my skin.
The restaurants are the best in Morocco, personally I prefer spicy food so Mexican food is my number one choice but not all my friends like it so every time we dine out we choose someone’s favorite, Chinese, Japanese, Tahitian etc.
There is also the Megarama Cinema which offers the greatest newly released movies all over the world, you can choose one of 8 movies premiered every night, and the best part is you can watch those movies using 3D glasses, and that’s not all, you can freely go from one show room to the other if the movie is not to your taste.
For shopping lovers there is the twin center, these two towers have everything one desires when shopping, from shoe wear to clothes to makeup, endless flours that no one can visit in one day!
And then there is the Morocco mall, the brand new commercial center on the outskirts of Casablanca, this center has it all, restaurants, bowling ground, skating arena, and
the best designer clothes in the world. But for those that prefer to shop in individual shops outside of malls, there are many shops all over the city but particularly in the Maarif beside best rated restaurants and hotels.
The Hassan II mosque is a well known monument as it’s the 3rd largest mosque in the world it can hold up to 25.000 worshippers ; it was built on a rocky piece of land that’s on the water so even without the religious aspect, the building itself is a very interesting piece of architecture. Contrary to most Muslim building, the Hassan II mosque is open to non Muslim visitors on the only condition that visitors must be properly dressed. The tour includes all rooms of the mosque and takes a little more than one hour to complete.
Making a reservation in a hotel in Casablanca is not very hard, there are more than 60 hotels that range from 5 stars down, and now booking is easy via internet you can even see the room you will get before booking, also you can read some reviews before making a final decision on where to stay.
Just watching the sunset by the beach is a great relaxing experience that I enjoy every now and then as I enjoy a relaxing day in a spa when I get pampered by massages and skin therapies, but for my wilder days it’d either shopping or a late night with friends or family in one of our favorite restaurants that offer national or international food menus.

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