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Rome, Italy, Europe

Rome, Italy

Roma caput mundi (Rome, the head of the world)

by Vincenzo Mele


Rome was found in 753 B.C. , where the river Tiber flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. This made it  a very important communication node. It is also shielded from the Apennines mountains, making the climate very good.
These facts convinced the first shepherds and traders to establish himself in Rome. Then, thanks to an impressive military force, Rome expands its territory, from Italy to Europe, Africa and Asia (America had not been discovered yet !).

Since 1870  Rome is the capital of Italy, having a population of about 3 millions.

Be aware.
 When you arrive in Rome, landing at Fiumicino airport (or Ciampino airport) ,  a lot of people will ask you to drive you to the city center. TAKE ONLY A REGULAR TAXI  (white car) . The cost of transportation from airport IS FIXED and is written on the door of the car.

What to see
Rome has too many thinks to see. It's impossible to see all, also if you stay long time. So it's better to plan where to go, discarding other thinks to be saw next time.

Following list show  neighboring sites. It  will help you to save time:

1 Colosseo  (Colosseum) ,  Foro Romano , Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli (this Church is not the more known San Peter Basilica (= big Church) in Vatican city)

2 San Peter Basilica , Cappella Sistina and Musei Vaticani

3 Piazza Navona

4 Trastevere, where you can eat well and cheaply .

Rome has a lot of churches. Inside each you can find almost  always pictures, statues , etc of very important artists.

Most important Rome parks are:

1 Villa Borghese, near to famous via Veneto. Inside there is the Museo Borghese, with the statue of Paolina Borghere (sister of Napoleon)

2 Villa Ada

3 Villa Doria- Panphili

One of the bad aspects of Rome are public transportation
network.  There are only two subway line (called Metro A and Metro B), approximately  North-South and East-West, crossing at main railway station , Termini.

There are many bus and some tram line. Regular ticket cost 1.5 euro ( ~ 2 US$) and it is not always available on board. Special tourist tickets are available from tobacconist  (!) and newsagent.
If you take a taxi, (REGULAR ! ), remember that it cost very much. You always see the amount displayed by the meter.

If you rent a car remember that same part of the city, during some period, are forbidden to private vehicles. At entrance of these areas (called ZTL) a display shows VARCO ATTIVO (entry forbidden) or VARCO NON ATTIVO (entry allowed).

If you like music, Rome has his Auditorium (in the  north part of the city) .

You often will see a picture of a she-wolf with two babies who suck milk. This remember the legend of the birth of Rome.  Romulus and Remus, the twins who were suckled by a she-wolf,  decided to build a city, but after a fight, Romulus killed his brother. So the name Rome comes from Romulus.


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  1. After reading this, I remember the saying, "if you are in Rome, do what Romans do". If I will go to Rome, the first place that I will visit is the San Peter Basilica in Vatican. Being a roman catholic, that's the only place that I want to visit, check out with and give out my prayers.

    Also, as a history lover, I would like to see the she-wolf that Rome had been proud of as they got their name from Romulus when he killed his brother Remus.

    I have been very interested with Rome ever since. My dream place in Europe. I hope I would be able to go there some time.

    Thank you for this review!