Sunday, June 2, 2013

Davao City, Philippines

Life is Here in Davao,
Philippines, Southeast Asia

By Luisa HD

The tagline “Life is Here” was recently launched by the city government of Davao to lure tourists
locally and globally to come and enjoy the perks of this wonderful city has to offer.
A bustling yet peaceful city located in Mindanao, Philippines is a favorite destination for both business and leisure. It has been dubbed as the most livable and peaceful city many times. And being the largest city in the country based on the land area, it can offer one-of-a-kind islands to highlands adventure!
You can reach Davao city via plane from Manila, Manado or Singapore. Upon arriving at the airport, a Visitor Info center will help in every way to ensure you a pleasurable stay. They can assist you in flight and hotel bookings, access to tour guides and to tourist destinations. They also provide a free land line service to guests for phone calls.

The diverse culture exists in harmony among migrant settlers and numerous ethnic tribes for centuries. The local dialect is Visayan but people also speak English and Filipino fluently. Generally, Davaones are honest, friendly and disciplined people. Other nationalities such as American, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese flock here for family, vacation, business and education. They are a common sight in the city.

Peace and Order
Davao City takes pride as one of the most peaceful city in the Philippines. You can actually walk leisurely on the streets day and night safely without worrying about robbers.
Visitors should be informed that the city implemented an Anti-Smoking law that prohibits smoking in all public places. Smoking is only allowed at houses and private cars. The city also has a firecracker ban.
It is the 3rd locality which has a Central 911 emergency system patterned after United States and Canada’s 911.

The food is relatively cheap yet delicious. Eat-All-You-Can Buffet restaurants are scattered around the metro. The price ranges from P99 to P800. Among the favorites are Café Marco of Marco Polo Hotel, Zabs, Chippens, Buffet Palace, Nanay Bebeng’s and Kuya Eds. They offer both international and local cuisines.
The famous delicacy here is kinilaw. It’s like sashimi where tuna and cucumber are immersed in vinegar with onions, and ginger. It is served fresh in almost all restaurants. And every tourist is urged to taste the durian! If you don’t have the guts to eat the fruit, then enjoy the durian flavored shake, ice cream, candies, jam, and bread. Fruits like bananas, rambutan, mangosteen, lanzones, and pineapple are fresh and abundant all year round in the markets.
Around the City
You can choose from classy hotels to affordable inns for your stay. Expect the best accommodations from Marco Polo Hotel, Apo View Hotel, Regency Inn and Grand Men Seng Hotel. If you are on a budget, you can book decent rooms from The Royal House Travel Inn, Sampaguita Tourist Inn and Microtel Inn and Suites.
Shopping Malls like Abreeza, Gaisano Mall and SM malls offer great selections to buy, fast foods and restaurants to eat. If you are looking for
souvenirs, head to the Aldevinco Center where you can find the colorful native garments, accessories, bags and more. They also sell pomelos and durians there.
Jeepneys and taxis are the general transportation around the city. There are also rent-a-car services for a day or week tour along with their package tours.
Islands to Highlands
When you want to have a splash, go to D’Leonor Hotel Inland Resort, Wavepool and Adventure Park. Its exciting amenities are wavepool, raging river, zorb ball, 600-step walk, surfing, hanging bridge, mini-zoo, sports area and fishing pond.
And if you are looking for pristine beaches, hop on a barge/boat and go to the nearby Samal Island.
You can check the beach resorts here at for their rates and packages. In 10-30 minutes, you’ll find yourself bathe in the blue sparkling waters and fine white sand. Pearl Farm Resort, Paradise, Blue Jazz, Bali-Bali and Chemas by the Sea are worth visiting again and again.
If you enjoy animal and nature tripping, head on to Crocodile Park, Butterfly Garden, Eden Nature Park, Philippine Eagle Center and Malagos Garden Resort. From the city, transportations are available en route to Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the country.
Zipline rides are great pursuits for those who have adventurous streaks. You can go to Outland Adventure which has the longest and fastest zipline in Asia. D’leonor Inland Hotel, Eden Nature Park, Hilltop and Camp Sabros also offer this kind of daring experience.
Kadayawan Festival
Dubbed as the “Mother of all festivals”, Kadayawan is annually celebrated on the third week of August. The festival showcases Davao's cultural and historical heritage in grand week-long activities. They have street dancing, beauty pageant (Hiyas ng Kadayawan), food- agro-floral-industrial-cultural fairs and many more. This is the most festive time to come, see and enjoy the city. But anytime of the year, Davao is always a vibrant place you’ll never forget. Life is Here!

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  1. oh wow! I never knew that there is a post about Davao here. To be honest, I am a Filipino and seeing this post makes my heart overwhelms with pride. You are right, Davao has innovated way too far that you can even compare it with other cities around the world.

    Even though I live in the Philippines. I've never been there but I always want to go there and taste durian. My father said it was very delicious. It was good that this post has pictures, you can appreciate more the text if there are pictures.

    I always heard Davao in the television and If I go there, I will try out all the things that you've said and comment again here to let you know! thank you for this!