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Beijing, China

Travel Guide in Beijing

By Rose Hillton  From Beijing, China, Asia

1. Overview
Beijing is the capital of China. As the political, economic and cultural centre of China, Beijing holds long history and rich culture. The people of Beijing are enthusiastic and well-cultivated. The high quality of life style creates the Beijing Spirits that is “Patriotism, Innovation, Tolerance, Moral Integrity".
Although Beijing is a modern metropolis, it still keeps the lingering simplicity and nostalgia in the inner spirits. While you travel to Beijing, you stroll in the gradually disappearing Beijing Hutong, and casually go into the steaming teahouses and instant-boiled mutton restaurants of Old Beijing; you will see the real Beijing.

2. Tourist Attractions
There have four distinctive seasons in Beijing. The best seasons for tourists are spring and autumn. The mild climate and beautiful landscape will make your journey enjoyable. For the sake of your best experience of traditional landscape and cultural atmosphere in Beijing, I specially recommend several famous tourist attractions as following.
The Forbidden City is the living palace of Chinese ancient emperors. When you visit Beijing, you must come here. You will see Chinese ancient palace that was ever splendid, realize the historical stories happened in the royal court, and feel the historical vicissitudes in the different times. By the way, you can also look around Tiananmen Square nearby.

The Great Wall is the defensive battlement that’s not only Chinese ancient amazing works, but also one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the medieval times. There is an old Chinese saying: One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero. Therefore the Great Wall attracts millions of tourists every year. The most visiting site is Badaling Great Wall. In addition, there are still steep, wide sites for the adventurers, such as Jiankou, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, and so on.

The Summer Palace, Beihai Park and Temple of heaven Park are all Chinese ancient royal gardens served for the Imperial Palace and also the places of worship. These parks are the most representative for visiting that have been the famous scenic spots of Beijing nowadays.

Beijing Hutong is the old residential district in Beijing. It is the living place for the common people of
Old Beijing. If you want to experience the real Old Beijing, you must go to visit the oldest Beijing Hutong, such as Guozijian, Wudaoying, Nanluogu Alley, etc. While you roam between the interlaced Beijing Hutong, you will really touch the primitive simplicity of Old Beijing, and also taste the delicious dishes.

“Bird’s Nest” Stadium and “Water Cube” Pool are the main stadiums of 2008 Olympic Games that have been the landmark of Beijing and Olympic heritage. Today it becomes the large-scale sports places served for the recreational activities of citizens in Beijing.

After visiting the above ancient architectures of Beijing, you had better take a look the modern buildings of Beijing, then you will realize the rapid development in Beijing, and understand this historical and cultural city, as well as its international influence.

3. Transportation
The transportation is very developed in Beijing. The traffic is convenient and cheap. The people in Beijing generally take the subway, bus, taxi, or drive private cars to work or travel. In order to decrease the traffic jam and advocate environmental protection, so the subway is the most convenient way for outgoing. The entirely single fare only cost 2 RMB (Chinese Yuan).

4. Featured Foods
Chinese foods are Well-known in the world. Beijing is also famous for its delicious foods.
Roasted Peking Duck is the unique symbol of Beijing foods. The private cuisine makes it delicious taste and rich nutrition. Its character is outside singed, inside tender, soft and crisp, but not greasy. The best restaurants of Roasted Peking Duck are Quanjude, Pianyifang, Dadong, etc. You must taste the Roasted Peking Duck when you visit Beijing.

Instant-boiled Mutton is commonly known as “Hot Pot” of Old Beijing. The mutton is sliced very filmy that would be boiled instantly. With the diverse vegetables and seasonings, you must be whetted good appetite. The best restaurant of Instant-boiled Mutton is Donglaishun.
 Instant-boiled Mutton

Noodles with Fried Bean and Meat Sauce is the homely food for the common people of Old Beijing. The various seasonings and easy cooking make it popular in every family of Beijing. With the cucumber salad, you can also do it by yourself if you are interesting! ^-^ The authentic restaurants of Noodles with Fried Bean and Meat Sauce are Haiwanju, Yiwanju, etc.
 Noodles with Fried Bean and Meat Sauce

There are still many representative foods of Beijing that include Bean Juice (Douzhi), Syrup of Plum (Suanmeitang), The Stick of Sugar-coated Fruits (Bingtanghulu), Tuckahoe Sandwich Cake (Fulingjiabing), Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour (Ludagun), Yellow Split Peas Cake (Wandouhuang), Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing (Aiwowo), Preserved Fruits (Guopu, Mijian), Candied Rice Fritter (Sachima), Sweetened Baked Wheaten Cake (Tanghuoshao), Fried Loop (Jiaoquan), Stir-fried Liver (Chaogan), and so on. The delicious foods are too much to enumerate one by one that need you to explore personally.

5. Shopping, Entertainment and Nightlife
Wangfujing Street is the most famous commercial district of Beijing. As the modern shopping centre, Wangfujing always leads the international fashions and high-quality luxury. Here is your best shopping destination; a series of speciality shops, department stores, boutiques, as well as the restaurants, snack bars and leisure centres, also even church can be found at Wangfujing Street.

Sanlitun Village, as the symbol of the night life in Beijing city, is one of the most prosperous districts in Beijing. The lively entertainment in the riproarious bars attract many people every day, especially fashionists, plutocrats, celebrities, stars, cuties and foreigners. There are also wonderful restaurants and shops here, you can enjoy revelling, dining and shopping. Just live it up if you go to Sanlitun Village by chance.
 Sanlitun Village

Houhai Park is a recreational place of Old Beijing. The bars of Houhai are very popular, just like
Sanlitun bars. Many people come here to spend their leisure time, especially in the summer. When you sit in a bar of Houhai, listen to the music, drink afternoon tea, taste special foods of Old Beijing; or ramble in the park, bask in the sun, enjoy a relaxed journey, you will experience the lifestyle of Beijing in a certain extent.

The 798 Art District is the new landmark of urban culture in Beijing, and also a showcase of Chinese contemporary culture lead by the modern and advanced fashion. You ought to visit the 798 Art District except for the Forbidden City and Great Wall. Here you will see the various types of shows such as paintings, photography and behaviour arts, as well as even casually meet a well-known artist. It’s most important that you would see a developing Beijing of China combined ancientry and modernization, industry and art, history and future.
 The 798 Art District

6. Welcome to Beijing
If you are interested in my writing, and have opportunity to visit Beijing, you will maybe fall in love with this city, just as a lot of foreigners who settle down and enjoy their work and life in Beijing. As a citizen of Beijing, I am pleased to welcome you to Beijing, China, and wish you have a enjoyable journey.

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  1. I think, in all the posts and reviews about the cities that I've read here. This is the only one that is very much detailed.

    Upon hearing the name Beijing, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. I think China do need to preserve their culture and being one of the most populous country in the whole world, I think that they are really having a successful economy.

    I've tried to eat the roasted peking duck once in the chinatown here in our country and it was really delicious. It was a very different from chicken, there is something about it that will make you come back for more.

    Surely, Beijing is one of the most popular tourist place nowadays and this post is very helpful on the things that you can see and check out in the city.